Learning PHP

I’m starting to study some PHP basics, to up my game for WordPress 3.2. For 3.0, I contributed raw blocks of text and for 3.1, cut-and-paste edits within the PHP files. I want to learn more about all the code I’m trying to follow in wordpress-dev IRC and in Trac.

I’m working with two books, Head First PHP & MySQL and the PHP and MySQL Bible. My toddler likes the first more than the second because it “has the people in it.” I’ve also got icons for three apps and three websites on the second screen of my iPad (prime real estate!) It would help to have a Developers Portal, as mentioned in 2009 in the wp-hackers mailing list.

My self-training plan involves PHP this winter, plugins in the spring, and figuring out themes in the summer. Evaluation post 20th day of each month Reassessing during WordCampSF 2011; new post on August 20. It all fits together. As Chuck H. said in some sci-fi movie, “Core and plugins and themes — it’s PHP! Soylent WordPress is PHP!!”

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