Video Redux

More on using videos for help and explanation.

Some examples:

Communicating user experience through video telling stories

Taking a cue from science fiction movies (Star Wars, Starship Troopers) using holograms of people sending messages, CNN used a holographic analyst on election night

How well does a 1930s short movie work as an online video?

Creative and innovative uses of online video

Working on getting the implementation part right:

Usability and interface design issues

In case you wondered, Why Do Adobe Flash Videos Slow Down?

To me, the very watchable seems to have smoothed out such problems

FYI, people watch at all times, except during dinner: online video viewing has no ‘peak times’

Hybrid use of video with written materials or a personal touch:

Chrysler combines a dvd of longer explanations with a shorter than before car manual

A WordPress consultant points clients to even while remaining their “central support mechanism”

Thought pieces

Sergey Brin on the potential of YouTube

The question of how videos are  like or unlike explanatory comics

Dealing, as a communicator, with the explosion of new media

Local online news video: what types of content work best (features, local, breaking rather than national news or talking heads)

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Links on Book Sprints



Download the FLOSS manual on Book Sprints

Slashdot mention

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More Quick Reference Guides/Cheat Sheets

More lists: WPTavern’s List Of WordPress Cheat Sheets

30 Handy Cheat Sheets and Reference Guides for Web Professionals

And, Quick Ref Guides in the form of iphone apps for web designers

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Visual Trend: Quick Reference Guides

Some links on quick visual guides:

Overview pieces by Tom Johnson Quick Reference Guides: Short and Sweet Documentation and Quick Reference Guides.

On WordPress 14 Essential WordPress Development and Design Cheat Sheets

And, last, not on software but on drawing 75 Ways to Draw More by Michael Nobbs via Moleskinerie.

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Cool Posters about Design via

Fun to sort into what their messages really are.

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Video Trends in Technical Communications

Help works well when it is seen as answering real questions. Users look for solutions to those concrete problems they encounter using software.

Answers can be shown visually as well as verbally. (Pet peeve: “verbally” means with “words” and does not mean the same as “orally.”) The technical communicator can do this with videos, quick start guides, screencasts, or infographics. ( Apparently, tech writers do infographics better than copywriters )

When released its latest installation, 2.8 or Baker, on June 19, it also put out a video. This video answers an implicit question, “How does this version provide a cooler, smoother ride, like the music of Chet Baker sounds?” Quick reply: with an automatic theme installer, code highlighting PHP editor, and widget and interface improvements in the administration panel. It is an aural as well as visual answer and it hits its point in a nifty video package.

More on video’s potential as help:

Video, documentation, and you

Interactive YouTube videos

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Seeing if this posts from the iPhone…

Yes, it does…

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Enter to win a copy of Flare 4 AND join an important discussion at

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8/17 Matt H. at the genius bar at WordCamp solved my Sidebars problem. I’m learning more PHP by doing this.

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