Was just able to upgrade to WordPress 2.6.1, using the automatic upgrade Plugin for the first time; this should also be my first aside post.

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This is a filler post to add tags.

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Navigating the Dashboard

Options vs. Settings

navigation Plugins

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Installing WordPress

What was hardest:

Some issues related to what wasn’t clearly explained on webhosting site — figuring out whether new SQL database was in fact created and what path to put WordPress installation in.

The five minute install seemed to take much less than five minutes, once every preparation was in place.

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Archive old part of front page for this site

Published on: Aug 12, 2008 @ 17:42
[Change this to a more general discussion of what I’m doing with different sidebar widgets on different pages and other ways this site is growing/can grow as a CMS; eventually move most of this into a sub page About This Site] This has been designated my home page via Settings > Reading > Front page displays radio button in the Dashboard. My biggest current challenge in WordPress right now is setting up the RSS feed in the PHP to syndicate my blog entries and not this main page how to create different sidebar sets for different parent pages and their children removing some of the RSS chiclet language in the header.php (?) file and replacing it with change text size ones.

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FAQ about this site

An ongoing account of what I’m doing with this portfolio site. This post will eventually become an FAQ section.


What software was used for this blog? WordPress version 2.6, with x Plugins in my Dashboard so far.

What Plugins would you like to find/see created? One to have text size adjustor chiclets put in, another to tweak the CSS to eliminate some of the RSS chiclets, a third

Information Architecture/Navigation

Why have a category page called Topic Areas? Topic is a term of art in online help for a granular chunk of information. I want to have larger container for domains like Graphic Design, Online Help, Learning Flash , or Grammar Tips and Peeves.

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Hello world!

This is my site under construction for writing samples in technical communications and help authoring.  Eventually it will become a CMS/portfolio/resource collection. I’m attending WordCampSF 2008 to learn about WordPress and possibly about writing help for its Codex. Please contact me via email: Dougwrites (at) aya.yale.edu

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Magazine Article

“Who Are You Today: Adventures in Substitute Teaching,” a piece I wrote for the magazine NEA Today

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