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Standing in Your Shoes: A Checklist for Classroom and Substitute Teachers
by Doug Provencio
Standing in Your Shoes prepares educators for that inevitable day when a substitute teacher takes charge of the classroom. This unique book speaks to a dual audience, with a section for classroom teachers and a section for substitute teachers; and, it’s written so that both audiences can enjoy and benefit from reading about each other’s roles. Classroom teachers get tips on preparing for long-term vs. short-term substitutes, leaving good instructions and lesson plans for substitutes, preparing students for a substitute teacher, and anticipating last-minute emergencies. Substitute teachers learn what to do if lesson plans are skimpy, how to manage student behavior, how to work with different grade levels, and how to handle long-term assignments. Whether you’re filling some-one else’s shoes, or preparing someone to stand in yours, Standing in Your Shoes will help make the fit a lot easier.
To order, call 1-800-229-4200 or go to the NEA Professional Library Bookstore.  
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